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INSIGHT Surgical Increases Productivity with 7%

The Centre for Public Health in the Central Region of Denmark has published a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) of INSIGHT Surgical (previously labeled "The Interactive Hospital") as used at the Regional Hospital of Horsens. The report concludes that INSIGHT Surgical results in both higher efficiency at the operating department, as well as it improves the quality of the work environment. The HTA documents both quantitative as well as qualitative benefits in using INSIGHT Surgical.

Read the full report here

Quantitative Results

  • 7% overall increase in production (DRG values) during the period of the study.
  • 6% increased utilization of ORs (from 82% to 86%)
  • 15% higher utilization of ORs
  • 66% reduction in no. canceled operations
  • Return on Investment (ROI) in 1-2 year

Qualitative Results

  • 70% of staff thinks information is easier available
  • 87% thinks the technology provides a better overview
  • 65% experience fewer interruptions
  • 34% thinks information to patients have been improved


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