Tuesday, one of the happy news from the Central Denmark Region was the announcement that the region has met the deadline, implementing Clinical Logistics across all hospitals in the region.

Consequently, the 12 hospitals in the region are now running the same software to help managing the daily workflow. On the large touchscreen clients and from the browser-based application nurses and doctors are offered overviews of the personnel on call, the arriving patients and the patients currently admitted, along with their personal information, progress and future treatment activities.

In the Central Denmark Region INSIGHT Clinical Logistics are used in:

  • Emergency departments and sections in hospitals and Psychiatric hospitals
  • Surgery departments including surgery patient wards
  • Medical departments including patient wards
  • Central Sterile Services Departments
  • Kitchens
  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy departments

Prior to implementing the solution the needs and current workflow in the departments are thoroughly analyzed so that the screens can support the staff in this specific location in the best possible way. As such, each screen is unique and displays only the information relevant to the staff in the given department.

The region is surpassing the national goals

With a national goal of implementing Clinical Logistics in major departments, such as the emergency and surgery departments, the Central Denmark Region is way ahead. By introducing the INSIGHT solution in both larger and smaller departments – even in the hospital kitchens – a joint frame of reference is created across all hospitals in the region, allowing the departments to work together, standardizing workflows. This is bound to lead to happier employees and an increase in efficiency.

This is also supported by INSIGHT’s ability to integrate to other hospital it-systems, so that more information is available from one screen and so that time spent registering the same information in multiple systems is limited significantly.

The Danish version of the news can be found in the news section of the Central Denmark Region’s website or by clicking here.