Velkommen til Getinge Cetrea

Getinge Cetrea er førende inden for patient flow management-løsninger. Vores løsning, CCL, sikrer gennemsigtighed, samarbejde og overblik i og mellem afdelinger, så ledelsen og plejepersonalet kan fokusere på at give patienten den bedst mulige behandling.

Fuld kontrol over hospitalsflowet

CCL understøtter en bedre udnyttelse af ressourcer og skaber komplet overblik over patientflowet for både personale og ledelse. Løsningen opdateres i realtid og giver dermed et langt bedre beslutningsgrundlag for de daglige udfordringer.

Bedre behandling

CCL understøtter dynamisk kommunikation ved at vise realtidsinformation om patienter i og på tværs af afdelinger. Systemets fleksible opbygning gør det desuden muligt for personalet af definere standardiserede behandlingsplaner og dermed sikre en strømlinet patientbehandling.

Et roligt behandlingsmiljø

Med relevant behandlingsinformation tilgængeligt på dedikerede skærme på tværs af hospitalet bidrager CCL til øget patientfokus og understøtter bedre kommunikation mellem personale, patienter og pårørende.

The solutions helps ensure that the equipment is at the right place at the right time, saving the OR personnel both trouble and time.

The process of cleaning, sterilizing, packaging and sealing the dirty equipment, making it ready for a new surgery, has been greatly improved since the introduction of INSIGHT Clinical Logistics. At the sterile central at Horsens Hospital Unit large widescreens offer information via webcams and list about the progress so that the personnel can follow the surgeries of the day in multiple ORs at a time.

It makes a huge difference to us that we are able to follow the surgeries. When they are coming to an end, we know that the dirty equipment will be arriving soon and we can prepare in time. In addition, we know from the surgery type what type of equipment we will be receiving”, says Head Nurse of the Sterile Central, Helle Nielsen.

Saving time and steps

The knowledge gained from easily accessible surgery schedule allows coordinators to better plan how many staff members are needed for the different shifts – especially in periods with potential overload. The screens also show if surgeries have been cancelled or rescheduled, allowing the sterile central to make changes too. And then there is the aspect of improvements to the physical and stress-related work environment:

Previously, the [CSSD] personnel called the ORs multiple times a day to ask when surgeries were expected to finish. Now they can see the screen. They also called to ask about the surgery schedule of tomorrow and to know if any special equipment or e.g. Alloplastic Carts for hip, shoulder or knee surgeries were needed. This information was written down manually on whiteboards. Now the OR personnel adds the information in a note in the INSIGHT system, so that we can see it automatically on our screens, says Helle Nielsen.

The Sterile Central at the Regional Hospital in Randers has the same positive experience:

We are much better prepared now. Especially if a number of similar surgeries are booked for the same day, e.g. if a specialist is here, we need to ready the equipment as fast as possible between surgeries. And INSIGHT is really helpful”, says Rikke Olesen, Specialty Responsible Nurse at the sterile central at Regional Hospital in Randers.

Side benefits to INSIGHT

The Central Denmark Region has implemented INSIGHT Clinical Logistics at all hospitals and psychiatric hospitals in the region since 2013. In August 2016 the project has passed the halfway mark with approximately 1060 running touch and widescreens and more than 16.000 users.

Initially the IT solution was meant to provide overviews of patients and personnel in the emergency, surgery, and medical departments as well as in bed and psychiatric wards, but as it turns out other departments, such as the sterile central, also benefit from using the system. Also the kitchen at Hospital Unit Horsens use the INSIGHT system to overview the total number of admitted patients, as well as patients with allergies, fasting patients and so on. This ensures that only the required food is sent to each department, limiting waste.

Currently, there is no data supporting the statement, but Head Nurse Helle Nielsen believes the sterile department staff save more than an hour of ineffective time every day due to the implementation of INSIGHT.

This article is based on a Danish news article from Central Denmark Region from August 18, 2016.
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