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One of the main features of INSIGHT is to provide an overview of the clinical flow of work and patients, which relies on getting access to information from other clinical systems in a hospital.

INSIGHT comes with a wide range of standard interfaces and integration possibilities to systems like hospital information systems (HIS), radiology information systems (RIS), laboratory systems (LAB) and other administrative and clinical systems. Cetrea is basing all integration on the international Health Level 7 (HL7) standard, and INSIGHT comes with support for several HL7 profiles. Integration is handled by the Cetrea Integration Bus (CIB), which comes as a part of the INSIGHT infrastructure. The CIB handles both HL7-based integrations as well as custom-designed integrations.

INSIGHT interfaces

The table below lists the standad INSIGHT interfaces. Cetrea is continuously developing new interface as requested by customers and partners.

PAS_HL7 (HL7) Patient administrative or Hospital Information System (HIS) HL7 data adapter.
MPI IHE PDQ (HL7) Master Patient Index HL7 adapter.
LAB_HL7 (HL7) Laboratory Information System (LIS) HL7 adapter.
RIS HL7 (HL7) Radiology Information System (RIS) HL7 adapter.
BOOK_IN (HL7) Inbound operation / booking data based on HL7 v2 SIU.
BOOK_OUT (HL7) Outbound operation / booking data based on HL7 v2 SIU
LAUNCHER Client-side application integration for external launch of application.
TRACING Generic interface to RTLS systems.
PTCALL Generic patient call interface.
DATAEXPORT Data Exporter for business intelligence / data warehouse.

INSIGHT integrations

Cetrea continuously maintains and develops integrations to other patient administrative and clinical systems. Currently the Danish INSIGHT installations integrate to a wide range of Danish hospital information systems and Cetrea have extensive experience in integrating INSIGHT with other health-it systems. The table below shows a subset of the current INSIGHT integrations, which are relevant on an international market.

RIS_CARE_STREAM CareStream integration
RIS_MEDOS Medos integration
BOOK_ BookPlan 2-way integration to Capgemini BookPlan
BOOK_Orbit 1-way (inbound) integration to Orbit
Ascom_Jobagent Integration t. Ascom Job Agent system
Ascom_Lite Messaging integration to Ascom DECT telephony
Judex Amphi Ambulance Journal integration to Judex Amphi
TRAC_SONITOR Intergration to Sonitor RTLS


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